Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Musings With Me The Big E; Phil Kessel Vs Ron Wilson?

This article is by Eric Warren. Eric is also a frequent contributer to Bleacher Report.
Phil Kessel hasn't had much to celebrate lately.
Upi/John Angelillo
According to an article published yesterday on, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Phil Kessel and his head coach Ron Wilson don't communicate much.
The headline might as well have said something like "Ron Wilson and Phil Kessel found throwing Knives and Live Hand Grenades at Each other Following Yet Another Loss to the Freakin Buffalo Sabres"
Have you ever noticed how sometimes you read an article that you suddenly realize was specifically designed to incite a riot?
There was nothing really wrong with the comments on either side. Wilson said basically that Kessel had become a defensive liability and wanted to put him on a line that was defensively stronger until he regained the scoring touch that out weighed it.
Sounds like smart coaching to me but the way a lot of Leafs fans have received that message if you look at a lot of comments is ' goes Ron Wilson calling out yet another player and making him feel like crap, he is such a bad coach'.
Blah blah blah.
We've all heard that tune before, if your stomach gets weak because of strong language...move to San Francisco.
The other side of that coin will of course be Kessels comments. Things like "...maybe things aren't working out here" and of course the ever popular ", Ron and I don't really talk". (Or was it Ron and me?)
Yep, everyone has got their panties in a bunch over that one.
It's almost like we're all shocked because we suddenly discovered that they don't cuddle.
The comments from Kessel sound like he feels lost and is frustrated at his in ability to play better, nothing more.
Phil Kessel will never, and I do mean NEVER be a true star in this league, on this team or any other if he doesn't learn to play a more complete game.
I don't care if you say "well he hasn't had anyone to play with"...blah blah blah. That's BS and you're just tired of looking for an original excuse to explain his ineptitude.
Phil Kessel has got great hands, but it is becoming more and more obvious that he has neither the head nor the heart to guide them.
Don't mistake that last statement to mean that I think Ron Wilson is a super star coach, we've been down that road too. I don't like him, I think he makes way too many errors in judgment, but, I don't buy the argument that he's too hard on his players.
They're professional athletes, not four year olds!
PS Stay tuned for a special edition of Monday Morning Musings on the February 28th NHL trade deadline day! Last year was a very successful 'Live Article' type of format and there was a lot of movement and things to talk about.
This year promises to be just as much fun with big names still churning the rumor mill and the format will be a little different as well! I will be hosting a 'Live Blog' right here on Bleacher report 

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