Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays: Exploring Moves They Could Make Before Spring Training

The Blue Jays should sign Pods
to platoon with Rajai Davis in centre
As Alex Anthopoulos has stated, the Toronto Blue Jays are pretty much finished with transactions for this offseason - save some bench fodder acquisitions and a few minor league FA signings.

Yet the roster is far from finalized, and I'm not just talking about the stuff that will sorted out in Spring Training. The Blue Jays still need another body that can play multiple infield positions and should look into finding a platoon partner for Rajai Davis, his .666 split against righties in 2010 won't cut it. I believe it has been mentioned before on the site, but signing Scott Podsednik would be a good move. If he gets a legitimate serving of at-bats in 2011, Podsednik could even bring back a supplementary draft pick to be used in the 2012 draft, or Pods could even be traded at the deadline.

But regardless of his off-field options, Scott Podsednik would greatly benefit the Blue Jays in 2011 and wouldn't come at much of a price to begin with. 

As has been speculated to great lengths, the Blue Jays are also in on Eric Chavez and likely have already offered him a minor-league deal. This probably wouldn't get the deal done though, he is probably weighing other minor-league contract offers as well, and therefore as an American, isn't likely to take the Jays offer over identical others. A major-league contract however would probably guarantee Chavez being a Blue Jay in 2011, and I think it's worth it.

Sure, it's been a long time since Chavez has been any good, but if he's finally fully healthy, why not take a flyer on him? Alex Anthopoulos has already stated that 2011 is more or less another rebuilding year, so why not tack on a club-option for 2012 and run a little experiment with Chavez in 2011, giving him 250 at-bats? And if he isn't any good, then release him, it's that simple.

While AA has made a point of assembing one of the best bullpens in the AL this offseason, it's implausible to think that the Jays intend on paying the team's fourth-best bullpen arm $3.5MM in 2011. Yes, I'm talking about Jason Frasor, who reportedly would have had multiple offers earlier in the offseason if it wasn't for his Type A free agent status.

So trade him, seriously. The Blue Jays have a deep enough bullpen without him and isn't going to contend for the closer's job come Spring Training, we've been through that before and it didn't work out. The Chicago Cubs have had interest in the past and are possibly still pursuing Frasor, while Frasor was said to be involved in the Chone Figgins to Oakland three-team trade that is now dead.

To sum up my opinion on which three majors moves the Jays should make before Spring Training, here they are in short: Sign Scott Podsednik to 1-year, $1.8MM deal, sign Eric Chavez to 1-year, $650,000 with 2011 club option of $2.5MM, trade Jason Frasor anywhere for a raw, toolsy prospect or two.

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