Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful Soccer Finally Arrives In Toronto

This article is by BTTN Toronto FC correspondent Christian Medeiros, a TFC season-ticket holder and MLS insider.

Toronto FC has been with a void at important coaching positions since the end of last season, and all of TFC nation were getting nervous this holiday season when new appointments still hadn't been made. But have no fear, Christmas has still come to Toronto FC - just a bit late. This afternoon at a press conference Toronto FC will announce the addition of three Europeans who will manage the helm.

First up we have Aron Winter, former national team player and Ajax assistant coach for three years. He brings professionalism, experience, and a new footballing philosophy to the Toronto FC. This season, the prospect of watching Dutch inspired football from the south end of BMO Field is unthinkable.

Secondly, TFC will be bringing in Bob De Klerk who has been working with Winter at Ajax and in the Ajax Academy. De Klerk will be TFC’s new assistant coach. More Dutch infusion, especially people who have worked with our new coach can only be a good thing.

Our final but definitely not least important addition is Paul Mariner. Paul Mariner has just left Plymouth Argyle, an English league one side to join TFC. Paul has solid MLS experience as he was assistant coach for the New England Revolution for several years. His experience will be invaluable at his new role as head of player personnel. His knowledge of the strange MLS rules will allow him to help our new Dutch coaches.

A few questions do arise though. What will happen with interim manager and coach Cochrane and Dasovic? Where will Brennan, Dichio and the rest of the coaching staff fit in? We’ll have to wait until this afternoon to find out. But regardless of what happens, I am supremely excited for the new season and cannot wait until I am holding my new ssh scarf up high at the home opener and finally watching beautiful football in Toronto.

Am I being a bit too optimistic? Maybe. But after a dismal season, this is the time for us TFC supporters to enjoy and rejoice!


  1. And to think you guys were professional... what a joke. I loved the Raptors article and the Jays ones, but this is complete BullCrap... Get some professional articles before spreading around that you are a "great" site for Toronto articles. I used to spread you guys around, but it seems as you don't deserve it...

  2. I'm sorry you had a negative experience on our site and do admit that currently our soccer coverage is a bit rough around the edges.

    However, we're working hard on Raptors and Jays coverage (maybe a Leafs article soon too, and of course the Jays 11-20 prospect list is released next week), as baseball and basketball are certainly our writers' forte.

  3. I don't think you understand... if an article is complete bs, why would you even post it?

  4. How is this article BS?
    I loved it, I'm a diehard TFC fan and I got the contents of todays press conference before it happend, which was excellent, but not only that I got some great insight and opinion on the article. I think your just being a complete dick, because this was a great way to kick off the Toronto FC reporting on the site, maybe you are just completely ignorant of the sport so please don't comment on stuff you know absolutely nothing about. I and all TFC fans find article like this great and informative and the more exposure TFC gets the better.

  5. its short... the grammar is awful, there's enough run on sentences.

    And don't say "we" unless you are on the friggin team....

    I'm not saying its bad its just unprofessional.