Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toronto FC’s Draft Pick ups and Recent Trades: Overview and Reaction

Last week, Toronto FC partook in the MLS Super and Supplemental Drafts. Toronto FC was much more active in the draft than past years, and rightfully so, they really need more bodies in our roster. This was the first year with a new management team and without “Trader Mo”. The drafting skill of Mo Johnson was one of the very few things he was praised for at his with TFC.  I think Toronto FC’s new management team did very well, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s who they picked up, and who we traded:


Chad Barrett to LA for Future Considerations
Chad Barrett, once a prominent player
for Toronto FC, has been traded to LA
Barrett was a hardworking player who gave everything for the club. But, as a striker, he really didn’t put the ball in the back of the net as much as he should have. And with a $205,000 base salary, he was taking up far too much cap space to be worth keeping. In exchange for trading Barrett to LA we will receive future considerations. I am unsure what the future considerations will be, but it is a smart trade none the less, as we free up a lot of space for some new quality additions. 

Jon Conway to Chicago for 3rd Round, 49th Overall Selection
Jon Conway was a strong back up keeper for TFC, but that was all he was, a backup keeper. There is no reason to have three keepers in MLS, due to the emergency keeper pool. Dumping Conway was a good choice because TFC has a strong third string keeper, and former back-up keeper David Monsalve is rumored to be coming back during training campt. Normally a third round pick would be useless, but Toronto FC luckily picked up a really talented player who I will discuss later. 

Demetrius Oomphroy was
TFC's first pick in the Super Draft
Major League Soccer Super Draft

Demitrius Omphroy (#26)
He seems to be a great pick up. He is a speedy and attacking fullback that will fit in well with Winter’s new system. When Demitrius was younger, he was almost picked up by Sporting Lisbon, only to realize he had Multiple Sclerosis. Demitrius’ condition has since gone into remission and he is healthy and had a strong college career. 

Matt Gold (#43)
From what we know so far he seems to be a strong, combative midfielder. But, he is also said to have a low soccer IQ and slow decision-making. A good yet cheap midfield pick-up.

Joao Plata could be a very exciting player one day, but
he does have his share of cons, notably his very slight build.
Junior Burgos (#44)
He seems like a good offensive pick-up. He is already on the El Salvador national team, so he already has quite a bit of a pedigree.

Joao Plata (#49)
This, in my opinion, was a really smart pick up. Joao Plata is on loan to Major League Soccer from the big club LDU Quito. He's only a teenager and was the top scorer at the Super Draft Combine. So why did he get picked so low? First off, he is an international and most MLS clubs don’t want to waste an international spot on a rookie. Secondly, and more importantly, he is only 5’2. Despite his height and international status, I think Toronto did well to trade Conway for his pick.

MLS Supplemental Draft
Toronto FC hasn’t been too active in the Super Draft in previous years, but with our lack of players we picked up some really solid additions in 2011.

JC Banks (#8)
He is a strong midfield player; great speed and crossing of the ball. He could provide depth on the wings or the centre of midfield.

Steven Beattie (#13)
He is another international player; however he played in the college system in the USA. No international college players were picked up in the Super Draft. Steven Beattie is a good striker, who has scored in the double digits throughout his youth career and is a great addition to our sparse forward line. 

Spencer Thompson (#26), Scott Rojo (#44)
I’m not sure if they will be offered contracts by the club, but they seem to be pretty good college players. If Toronto does offer them a contract this season they will provide some good depth and potential. 

Overall I think Toronto picked up some solid players. The salary dump of Barrett and Conway will ultimately be worth it. They picked up a desperately needed forward in Beattie; and a desperately needed fullback with Omphroy. Toronto FC also picked up some solid midfield additions with Matt Gold, Junior Burgos and Joao Plata. Spencer Thompson and Scott Rojo should impress. I think Toronto FC did well as a whole in this MLS Super Draft, and I look forward to seeing what the new additions can do at the next level.

Toronto FC training camp takes place in a weeks’ time in Antalya, Turkey. Where they will be playing is Partizan Belgrade, Dinamo Zagreb and a TBD team. After that they  head to the southern USA for the Disney Cup and Carolina Challenge Cup. Stay tuned for more preseason news and trialists, here at BTTN.

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